AI Follow-Up System

Effortlessly transform your leads and unanswered calls into valuable opportunities. Our system ensures every customer receives exceptional service consistently. Through precise communication, adaptable interactions, and strategic customer qualification, we guide potential clients towards making a purchase or booking an appointment.


There are 2 ways a customer will contact you

  • Phone Call = Missed Call Connect

  • Form Submission = Natural Automated Follow Up

Instantly connect with EVERY customer and ensure you never miss out on a lead or lose a customer again.

How Does It Work Exactly?

Its not as high tech or complicated as you might think!

New Lead Comes In

Whether your working and miss a call, someone fills out a form on your website, or they message you on google our system will engage with them instantly.

Our System Follows Up

We work with you to find out your client journey, we get the questions you need answered answered and then once qualified we get them booked for an appointment or ask for the sale.

You Monitor The Chats

You can see all of the conversations as they happen. At any point you can cut off the Ai Chat and take over. But thankfully this isn't a commonly used feature. We would rather you focus on the tasks you need to

"Why Does This Matter? Iv Never Had It Before"

  • If You Miss a Call 86% Of People Will Call The Next Company On Google Vs Calling You Back!

  • 98% Of All Text Messages Sent Are Opened.

  • 55% Of Businesses Take More Than Five Days To Respond To A Lead. By That Time, The Customer Has Already Found Someone.

  • A Harvard Study Proved That You Are 99% More Likely To Close A Client If You Respond To Them Within 5 Minutes.

  • The Same Harvard Study Proved That Your 80% More Likely To Close The Same Client If You Respond Within 1 Hour.

Instantly connect with EVERY customer and ensure you never miss out on a lead or lose a customer again.

The Next Steps

  • Schedule A Call: Here We Can Learn About Each Other And See If It Makes Sense.

  • If All Sounds Good We Can Do A Demo Of The Software For You, You Can Answer Any Questions You Might Have.

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